Sunday, June 7, 2015

Invisible church as type/token

I watched some Anglicans and EO duke it out on Facebook about the invisible church.  Analytic philosophy can help on this:

Type sentence : a combination of words that may be uttered on many occasions.  For example, “I am ill.”  Similar to how universals are mutlipliable.  

Token sentence: a particular instantiation of a type sentence.  For example, “I am ill today.”  Not multipliable ‘across the board.”  It can be an example of a universal or simply just another way of saying the same thing.

Jesus is the type (not in the redemptive-historical sense).   The type is multipliable as tokens.  This allows us to speak of churches that aren't reducible to some unicity, allowing differance, yet all finding unity (which is not the same thing as unicity.  Anchoretic traditions can only have unicity, not unity, since all differences reduce to the One).

And some tokens are purer (cleaner, however you want to stretch the analogy) than others.  Some tokens do not have any Reforming movements, so are likely to be spotted.  And you get the idea.

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