Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bibliography: A Report from the Front

A friend of mine asked me for a bibliography of the philosophy works I've read over the past six months.  Part of the reason this might be relevant is that a lot of detractors of Evangelicalism, whether within the camp or the convertskiis without, have no clue about the philosophical issues involved in questions like hermeneutics, authority, and the like.  Here's what I've read from the most recent backwards:

Swinburne, Richard.  The Christian God. An overly analytical account of God's nature.  Some good points on Christology.  Vindicates Calvin.

Swinburne, Richard.  Evolution of the Soul.  Aside from his Darwinian assumptions, proves the soul is not reducible to brain states.

Martin, Malachi.  Hostage to the Devil.  Some papal presuppositions and conclusions, but a valuable study.

Locke, John.  Human Understanding.  One of the most important (if flawed) texts on epistemology ever written.

Smith, James K. A. Thinking in Tongues.  Alternatively brilliant and infuriating. Likens tongues to a phenomenological speech-act.

Wittgenstein, Ludwig.  Philosophical Investigations.  changed the game of 20th century philosophy.  Not an easy or fun read.

Russell, Bertrand.  Problems of Philosophy.  Russell unwittingly defended universals and opened the door for God.

Alston, William.  The Reliability of Sense Perception.  Proves that sense perception cannot be defended in a non-circular manner and rather "supervenes" upon our experience.

Alston, William.  Perceiving God.  Argues that religious experience functions as a legitimate, if minor source of knowledge.

Plantinga, Alvin.  The Nature of Necessity. Possible Worlds Semantics.  Nigh impossible to read.

Moreland, J. P. Universals.

Thornwell, James Henley.  Whatsoever Things are Truth.  Good presentation of "internalism" in epistemology.

Clark, Gordon.  God's Hammer.  All the pros and cons of a typical Clark book.

Kreeft, Peter.  Christianity for Modern Pagan.  All the pros and cons of a typical Kreeft book.

Moreland and Rae.  Body and Soul.  Best book ever written on anthropology.

Audi, Robert.  Epistemology.  The classic text on modern epistemology.

Alston, William.  Realist Conception of Truth.  Defends epistemological realism, but not necessarily in the clearest manner.

Hobbes, Thomas.  Leviathan.  Think Hillary 2016.

Lewis, C. S. Abolition of Man.  Again, Hillary 2016.

Augustine. On Christian Doctrine.  Signs and Things Signified.

Webster, John.  Holy Scripture.  Shows how modern convertskii attacks on the Bible are naive.  Dont' remember too much about it, though. I read it when I had the flu.

Aristotle.  Pocket Aristotle.  Is what it says it is.

Oberman, Heiko.  Harvest of Medieval Theology.  If you are naive enough to say Protestantism = nominalism, you are about 45 years behind the times.

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