Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christian analogues to the Suspicion by Atheism

Merold Westphal suggested as a Lenten exercise that one could read Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche as prophets of original sin.

Dostoevsky was clearly the Christian analogue of (and triumph over) Nietzsche.  I wonder who would be the analogues to Marx and Freud.


  1. Maybe Christoph Blumhardt (and his dad) for Marx, but not sure about Freud. Certainly I think Augustine triumphs over Freud in his probing psychology, but that's an anachronism. Freud brought our the deep-seated sin in our emotional and psychological make-up back to a Europe who lived in blissful ignorance. He's Augustine sans grace, freedom, and life everlasting.


  2. JN Darby and Dispensationalism as an analogue of Marx and Marxism