Saturday, July 25, 2015

We'll see if this gets me in trouble

I posted this on a reformed message board a day after I saw I didn't have access to the book review section.

I don't think we should pray to angels as such.  They are part of the stoichea and because of Christ's resurrection we are no longer under their cosmic rulership.  However, we still (or at least many Reformed do) invoke angels in our liturgy.  In the doxology we invoke, command the universe to praise God, including "Above ye, Heavenly Host."

For the application.  Our culture is currently battling Moloch the Dismemberer.  Is it wrong to ask God to send Michael the Archangel to fight Moloch?
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Stay liturgical, my friends


  1. Greetings Mr. Aitken. Pardon my ignorance, Moloch the that some video game character? If so I concur. Our culture suffers under the god of video gaming and entertainment in general.

    Regarding asking God to send Michael to battle with the Prince of Persia as Daniel did, ...well,...of primary concern, is that the prayer is directed to God, and not the angel. This was a major point the reformers fought for. Prayer to any other than the Almighty God is sin. Rome taught that we should pray to Mary and saints they had idolized. This is idolatry and brings Gods wrath down. Whereas prayer to God in the name of his blessed Son Jesus, is received. I will restrict my comment to off the cuff, for brevity sake. Although, I do recognize a need to confirm my initial impressions from the word of God...and from the historical confession of our fathers. It seems to me the Psalms speak of crying out to God for help often. Why can't we ask for the sort of help he has given in the past and in scripture? I see no reason why not.

    This is the 3rd post of yours I have read Mr Aitken. So I am just getting to know you. I like your thoughts.

    1. Moloch the Dismemberer is the spiritual entity behind Planned Parenthood.

      Of course, we are praying to God, not Michael.

  2. I say the St. Michael's Prayer every morning.

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  4. Maybe we should also ask Lord Jesus to send us Rafael to combat the endless sucking of the American memory hole