Friday, July 17, 2015

On EO interpolemics

I want to be nice to EO guys.  I believe that Protestantism represents the best of the kath-olos tradition, which means that there is much good in the Eastern world.  Their hatred of logic and all things Western is troubling.

I won't attack them if they promise not to go up to Protestants and imply, given the logic (!!) of the argument, that the Protestants' baptisms are trash and that Jesus really won't hold on to them at the end.  Grow where you are planted and we are cool.


  1. Yes, I really don';t care for the anti-Protestant, anti-Evangelical tone that one gets from a lot of Eastern Orthodox. Many just don't seem want to recognise Evangelicalism as Christian and see no fruit in it at all.

    1. For my own part I am really trying to focus on the historic connections (liturgies et al) and I get really annoyed when people ambush me with questions like, "So yeah, where did the canon come from, huh?"