Sunday, May 3, 2015

On prayers to Mary

Orthodox Bridge usually doesn't approve my posts, so I copied/pasted it here.

Not outright disagreeing, but several observations and/or questions:

1) Reformed do not say the church was corrupted to that extent.  We've gone over this several times.
2) We presume that Mary has a human body and human nature in heaven.  We are just wondering how she can have nigh-omniscience and nigh-omnipotence with several hundred million people praying to her at once.
3) I assume you accept the Dormition of Mary.   If you don't, then my objections in (2) don't apply.  In that case Mary, being a disembodied soul, probably could be in two places at once since she isn' t limited by the body.
4) But in that case, the final resurrection would limit her bodily, which seems to be a throwback to chain of being ontology.
4) We do not have a promise from God attached to prayers to Mary; therefore, we would be praying without being sure she hears us.  Therefore, we would be praying without faith.

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