Friday, May 29, 2015

Derrida strikes back

Whether the exegesis for or against Jesus's kingdom power existing today holds, it seems the more pertinent question is whether kingdom power can exist outside of the "closed canon."  Do miracles happen? Yes, but not today because the canon is closed.  Do demons exist?  Yeah, but only in Scripture--not today, for the canon is closed.

(P1) The miraculous exists only within the Bible.

Of course, this raises some problematic questions for God.  Does God exist within the Bible or also in real life?  Of course, in real life.  The more level-headed cessationists, not wanting to quench the Holy Spirit, will modify the claim:

(P1*) The miraculous exists only within the Bible but God can do what he wants.

What they don't realize is this is the rawest form of postmodernism imaginable:

(P2) Il n'y a pas de horse-text.  ~Jacques Derrida

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