Monday, January 5, 2015

Speech-Act Terminology, some more

Taken from J. Austin's How to do Things with Words

Phonetic act: performing the act of uttering certain noises (Austin 92)
Phone: the above as utterance, the result
Phatic act:  Austin isn’t really clear, but it roughly corresponds to a locutionary act.  It is the uttering of certain words, not just noises, and is more precise than the phonetic act.
Locutionary Act:  Uttering a certain sentence with a certain sense and reference; equivalent to meaning (109).  
Pheme:  the phatic act as uttered result.  
Rhetic act: using a pheme with a more or less definite sense.. It is indirect speech (97).
Rheme: the above effect
Perlocutionary Act: consequences of the act performed

Illocution: the act performed; has a conventional force (109).

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