Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ectypal Theology

This is a running project.  It's drawn mainly from Muller's Dictionary.  Later updates will include Muller's PRRD and Robert Preus's volume on post-Reformation Lutheranism.

Theologia Ectypa:  all true finite theology
  1. Theologia viatorum (theology of pilgrims in our earthly journey)
    1. principia theologia: the foundations of theology
      1. principium essendi: the being of God
      2. principium cognoscendi: cognitive foundations of theology.
        1. principium externum: Scripture
        2. principium internum: faith
          1. testimonium internum Spiritus Sancti: internal testimony of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8).
  2. theologia beatorum (theology of the blessed in glory; still ectypal and finite)
  3. theologia angelorum (theology of angels)
  4. theologia unionis: Christ’s knowledge in his Incarnate life.  It is the union between ectypal and archetypal theology, but still a form of ectypal theology

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