Saturday, September 12, 2015

Penultimate post on Moscow

I doubt this will be the last post on the issue.  But it will be the last one I play as investigative historian blogger on.  The more I read up on the back stories the more it felt like I was investigating the Mafia.  None of this happens in a vacuum.  You realize that the connections go way back.  And we had been warned at least five years ago, but the Reformed world stayed largely silent (and it's not just Doug Wilson who sees repentance as a panacea).

(Sorry that you now have nightmares, but that is what it feels like).  And like investigating the Mafia you get the suspicion that this could explode.

Will this work?  Will this take down Wilson's Empire?  I doubt it.  At least it won't convince his disciples to renounce him.  He can do no wrong.  Truly they are a cult.  But I'm not worried about them.  Will this convince John Piper and The Gospel Coalition to sever ties?  We shall see.  


  1. It makes no sense to see many of the hardcore complementarians (read patriarchalists) side with Wilson's scary form of it when he is a federal visionist. Then you have the Bayly's who slander Trueman and egalitarians who hold a more pure Gospel get accused of denying it (Bayly's logic is so twisted, it is gymnastics). Then this comes out and now some are backing away. Too little too late. They helped enable him.

    1. I almost gave the Baylys credit when they retracted initial support, but it was so half-hearted.