Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Review of Eastern Orthodox Internet Resources

Given that Leviathan is in full battle mode against American Christians, my time is better spent trying to strengthen the brethren rather than deconstructing groups like Eastern Orthodoxy.  Please understand what I just said.  I called them "Christians."  I'm not sure given their views on the One True Church if they can return the favor, but no matter.

Here is my review of the following EO websites and the resources they offer.

Ancient Faith Radio.  Like any site with multiple programs, this is hit or miss.  Still, a lot of the material is fantastic and they branch out.

Patristic Nectar. This is Fr Josiah Trenham's ministry.  The audio quality is excellent, as is most of the material.  The only downside is the price.  More often than not, you are paying $7+ for 30 minutes of audio.

Orthodox Bridge.  I'm really trying to be nice.  I guess the best thing I can say is if you are looking for citations from St Ignatios, then this site is as good as any.  They advertise themselves as Reformed-Orthodox bridge, but it's just a one-way street.  They don't like it when you ask questions they can't answer.  My main problem is that this site sets up converts for spiritual disaster.  They make it sound like the American Orthodox church is growing steadily and Protestantism will collapse any day now.  If you convert to Orthodoxy for their reasons, you will be disappointed. There are good reasons.  They just haven't given any.

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