Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hide ya womens, y'all

So one of the sites documenting the Sitler/Wilson connection was hit with a court order to remove a video.  Another interesting post, while not documenting any criminal activity, but nonetheless creepy, is here. It raises the question over how widespread this mentality is in the CREC.  I suspect, while maybe not universal, is more widespread than one would wish.

What are some consequences for the larger Evangelical world on this?
  1. I don't think this will bring Wilson down.  He's weathered storms before.  I do think it will further discredit the CREC in general.  
  2. It took some steam about of the Reformed world's anti-abortion polemic.  A few months ago when the Daleiden videos were released, we were drunk with battle joy and Wilson was leading the charge. Praise God the witness will go on, but no one can rally behind him any more.  
  3. I think the Evangelical egalitarian movement will get a shot in the arm.  It's really hard to lose a debate against Patriarchy at this moment.
  4. I am finding it harder to argue against people converting to Eastern Orthodoxy.  Almost all of these "converts" are from the CREC.  Let that sink in.  And when I urge them not to, they could easily respond, "Yeah, well, I don't want my daughter to get raped and have the elders cover it up and threaten excommunication on the victim."  Admittedly, I can't really rebut that point.
  5. It would help to have the NAPARC world formally identify and condemn the CREC.  Granted, it means nothing in day to day life, but it is official and would warn other families.


  1. I wonder if this more and more public denouncing, without a final coup-de-grace from a respected ecclesial body will not stoke the flames for CREC to become even more cultish and insular. I know Doug Wilson is connected to the whole 'reformational catholic' movement, but we all know how a movement for 'unity' can become a 'we're the only ones left carrying the flag'. I can imagine this, with further fermenting and a dash of heavy-handedness, becoming another Waco situation.


    1. I imagine they will circle the wagons. I have no illusions about "Reforming" the CREC. It just won't happen. However, if it helps others on the outside consider not joining, then well and good.

      It could be a WACO, but I think that is far removed at the moment.